last night I got to stay at mcmenamins Olympic club in centralia, WA. there were robes involved :) unfortunately I didn’t get to use there movie theater section or cool bar, but next time for sure. it looked like a grungy antiquey town, but I’m making my way to Astoria instead!

“to find a love that would look and sound like a movie”


(I apologize for all of the spelling & grammar mistakes – I swear I was an English major) – today was nothing short of unreal. per usual, my morning started a little slower than planned and the ferry dock that I wanted to originally go to was blocked off due to construction, so I was forced to backtrack north to the Edmonds/Kingston ferry dock instead. ANYWAYS, I finally got onto the ferry around noon and took a nice 30 minute trek over to the Olympic Peninsula. with a day filled with lots and lots of driving ahead of me I filled up the tank in Kingston and got to it.

I didn’t really have any plans other than I knew I had to finish in Centralia, WA at some point. Since there’s one main road you can take all the way around the peninsula…well I decided I might as well. mountains and huge green trees. with having no plans (except for checking out Forks, WA `~*~*`) I tried to snoop around lake sutherland because it was beauuuutiful, but of course it was all private property – so I just have to hope that one day I know someone with a house there.

kept on driving northwest and came across the magnificent lake crescent. and im serious when I say magnificent…I so badly wanted to jump into the crystal clear bright blue water. instead I ate an apple for lunch on the rocky shore and enjoyed the view dry. it’s hard to express in words what it was like to look at those mountains and sit by super clear water. I didn’t want to leave (but that happened again multiple times today).

from there I kept driving. ended up in Forks because obviously I had to see where twilight took place. if only I still had my Edward t-shirt there would definitely be a picture of me with the “welcome to forks” sign. continuing on  to the rainforest section of the forest, there was a 24 mile drive inland and a $15 to check it out. all worth it because I got to “hike” for a little bit on the mini trail they had. the trees were huge and it smelt amazing. my appreciation for the pine scent has greatly increased. it was incredibly fresh and exhilarating even.

due to all of this driving and how spread out everything was – I had to cut my hike short and move onto my journey to mcmenamins olympic club (which was about 3.5 hours away). to go around the outskirts of the peninsula completely I would have to drive along the coast for a bit…which then led me to what I had been waiting to see this whole time – fog, bright tall green trees, and HUGE rocks blasting out of the water not far off shore. the excitement that came over me when I walked down the trail to rugby beach is impossible to explain. I spent a good hour wandering the shore and journaling. there are so many different kinds of beauty, but to me this was on a whole different level. along with the overcast came chilly winds, so everything I had ever imagined about my first experience with the northwest coast was spot on and completely held up to expectations. I hated leaving and wish I could go back already.  it was so peaceful and the shore looked like glass because of the tide. it was unbelievable.

after forcing myself to leave (because it was getting even later and I had to still make that almost 4 hour drive south). I ended up driving around for a long time as the only soul on the road. the roads were twisty and the sun was setting. after miles of maneuvering around by myself while listening to band of horses, gaslight anthem, and flaming lips a miracle happened!! FOR SOME REASON there was a cop so far ahead of me with their lights on at the side of the road. I immediately slowed down and while I was still a good half mile away THREE elk or moose or whatever RAN ACROSS the street right in front of me!! slamming on the breaks and putting my hazards on (just in case someone finally showed up on the road), I got to stare at these majestic creatures lurk across the street. they were so big and gorgeous. I was stunned and honestly still am. I snapped a super duper quick pic, but you can barely see one of them. ugh, it was so cool.

that was the last exciting thing to happen. I had a 2.5 hour drive at that point still and just recently got to the hotel. all I can say is that I’m extremely exhausted, but tomorrow I get to see the goonies house so YEP!

(tomorrow I’ll find time to actually reflect on this journey – not just relay it)